The Progression of Figure Skating

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Figure skating can be confusing for those new to the sport, so here we'll try to make it simple!

The U.S. Figure Skating Association has devised sets of levels which skaters pass through in their development. There is a unique test structure and competitive pipeline that takes you from Basic Skills to the elite levels of the sport.

  • Preschool-aged beginners learn to skate with Snowplow Sam 1-3 levels. After completing the Snowplow Sam 3 level, they will move up to Basic Skills 1-8.
  • Beginning children ages 6+ years learn to skate with the Basic Skills 1-8 levels.
  • Adult beginners learn to skate with the Adult 1-4 levels.

All figure skaters who have passed Basic Skills 1-8 or Adult 1-4 may then enter the competitive Tests pipeline to move into advanced skating development.

Elite figure skaters who compete in international competitions, Worlds and the Olympics have achieved the gold level test in the Senior qualifying test structure.

U.S. Figure Skating also offers optional specialized figure skating programs. These are available to skaters upon successful completion of the Basic Skills 1-8 or Adult 1-4 programs. Skaters may pursue one or more Specialized Programs while working on their Tests levels.

To learn more about the progression of figure skating, we encourage you to speak with your coaches and visit
 U.S. Figure Skating for more information.