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2013 Jack-O-Lantern Competition

Saturday, November 2, 2013
The Steel Ice Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Application [pdf]  ›

The event categories are:

  • Basic Programs with Music
  • Element Events for Snowplow thru Basic 8 and Freeskate 1-6
  • Freeskate 1-6 Programs with Music
  • Limited Beginner thru Pre-Preliminary Freeskate Programs with Music
  • Adult 1 through Adult Bronze
  • Beginner thru Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Program
  • Interpretive All Levels
  • Showcase 
  • Dance
  • Fun Events (Basic 1 through Basic 5 Longest 1 ft glide and Basic 6-Preliminary Longest 1 ft spin)
  • Spin Event
  • Synchronized Skating

Each competitor will receive an award, with trophies for first and medals for all other placements. Teams that accrue the most points will also earn trophies for first, second and third place.

Later Event: November 22
2013 Autumn Skate