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Autumn Skate 2014

Thursday through Sunday, November 20-23, 2014
The Skating Club of Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware

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Entry Deadline: October 27, 2014

Composition of Events:

  • Singles Free Skate
  • Singles Short Program
  • Pairs Free Skate
  • Test Track
  • Introductory Levels Free Skate Program:
  • Compulsory Moves
  • Compulsory Program (Moves in the Field to Music)
  • Spins
  • Artistic or Interpretive Skating
  • Light/Dramatic Entertainment (Showcase)
  • Open 6.0 Partnered Dance
  • Solo Pattern Dance
  • Solo Free Dance
  • Basic Elements Event: Snowplow Sam – Basic 8
  • Basic Program Event: Snowplow Sam – Basic 8
  • Basic Skills Free Skate 1 - 3 Compulsory Event
  • Basic Skills Free Skate 1 - 3 Program Event
  • Basic Skills Special Olympics Badge Program
  • Basic Adult Elements Event: Basic 1 – 6
  • Basic Adult Program Event: Basic 1 – 6

Awards Ceremonies will take place upstairs in the Mitchell Lounge. The award schedule will be posted at the entrance to the Mitchell Lounge. Medals will be awarded to First, Second, Third, and Fourth place winners in every event (exception: all Basic Skills skaters receive a medal). The following trophies will also be awarded. Winners’ names will be engraved on the perpetual trophies displayed at the Skating Club of Wilmington and keepsakes will be awarded for the skater to take home.